Giving thanks, Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving thanks, Happy Thanksgiving!

We thank you today because you made it possible!=

Keralotsavam 2015 is now over, culminating the many weeks of preparations from all of us. What a fabulous evening it was!  The support was generous, the enthusiasm was infectious, and the shows that you all put together were splendid, as a community we worked together to make SWORAM Keralotsavam 2015 shine. We had it all the tiny tots who lighted up the stage with their inherent sweetness, the elegant dancers who graced the stage in a multitude of colors, examples of fine musical mastery and the adults who put together a stellar show of talent and fine wit.

SWORAM Keralotsavam has always made a nurturing presence in our community, especially in the cultural lives of our children. Over the years we have seen those tiny steps walking the stage in fancy dress attire clinging to their parent’s hands, evolve on stage joyfully performing as kids and young adults.  We have a place for even the littlest child in the community to take that important first stride into the world of performing arts.  This is the vision that the people who walked before us carved out for SWORAM Keralotsavam to be, we will proudly carry the torch on. Congratulations everyone, from the very young first steps on the stage to the veteran performers who rocked the evening and all the people who tirelessly worked together to put this show together, we say a very special and heartfelt thank you. As always, we are cheering for you! We will be in touch with you all about other SWORAM events to follow. I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!

SWORAM Keralotsavam photos: Album1   Album 2  Album3   Album 4

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