SWORAM-Keralotsavam 2024

Dear friends,

SWORAM is very happy to let you know that Keralotsavam 2024 will be held on April 27th at the Lake Oswego High school auditorium.

This is just a heads up email so that we can all start preparing for the event. Please find the guidelines attached to this email. We will send more updates closer to the event. Looking forward to your participation this year!!


  1. Registrations for all stage performances including dance, music, fancy dress, skit/drama etc should be submitted on or before February-29-2024 to sworamportland@gmail.com.
  2. Please include an introduction write up and a list of participants for the item and send it to sworamportland@gmail.com by March-24-2024
  3. The background music/score, to be used in any performance including fancy dress should be sent in a medium such as an MP3 file by April-07-2024, to sworamportland@gmail.com.
  4. Participants interested in being the Master Of Ceremony , send your audition videos by March -24-2024 to sworamportland@gmail.com
  5. All participants have to accept the terms of agreement of KERALOTSAVAM 2024, which will be communicated to participating teams.
  6. Stage dimensions at Lake Oswego high school are approximately 36’ in width and 20’ in depth.
  7. Duration of performance will be decided by SWORAM. A general guideline is a maximum of 7 minutes for dance items, 5 minutes for musical performances and 20 min for skit or drama.
  8. No solo performances are allowed on stage. In a group performance, majority in the group members should be Malayalees. Participants can participate in maximum 2 programs. Accompanying artists can participate in more than 2 programs.
  9. Music for South Indian classical dances can be in any language. However, movie songs used for the program should be in Malayalam. Please note that movie songs should contain at least 75% or more of Malayalam lyrics.
  10. Program order will be decided by SWORAM.
  11. On the program day, participants should be ready at the back stage 3 programs prior to theirs. Failure by participants to report at the assigned time will result in their item being cancelled or being pushed to the end depending on the availability of time.
  12. All participants are requested to purchase tickets in advance through ticket pre-sale.
  13. SWORAM holds the right to accept or reject any program.
  14. SWORAM may use the photos and content used or recorded in the KERALOTSAVAM 2024 for promotional activities. Participants/parents are responsible for getting the appropriate copyright.

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